Oracle Database Services

Data plays a critical role for any organization and is a vital component for your business operations. Database management can be complex and resource intensive but it is important to maintain 100% uptime for business critical data systems. We at eBiZure not only ensure 100% availability of your databases but also update them time to time to counter it from any security vulnerability or affected products. We have many years’ experience in managing enterprise databases on any flavour of operating system and will definitely bring values to your IT department and business operations.


  • Production Database Support Activities (Level 1,2 & 3)
  • Database Installations /Patch / Refreshes / Point Release Upgrades
  • Database Backups / Disaster Recovery tasks
  • Database Monitoring/Tuning
  • Oracle on Demand Extractions
  • Datacentre migrations
Key Features


eBiZure monitors all database/application critical events which are required for a successful database/application operations. The monitoring task is accomplished by using Oracle products like Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) or in-house custom scripts. A wide range of monitoring events in place on any production environment will help us identify any potential issues and give us an added advantage to be more proactive than reactive in managing business critical database/applications.

Backup Management

eBiZure, during the customer on boarding process, checks with customer if they need us to define and implement new backup strategy or can adopt their current backup policies if they are meeting the business requirements for recovery. eBiZure support team has standard backup scripts which they test on customer environment, deploy and then maintain them. We use best practices methodologies for all database backups.

Service Request Management

eBiZure support team can open a Oracle Service Request under your Oracle CSI number for any technical issue and will manage them to completion. During a customer on boarding process, as a standard process we review all existing SR’s and take the ownership of them.

Code Migration/Deployment

eBiZure manages the migration or deployment of all database/application objects as codes into the customer production environments. The source of such codes can be either customer (functionality enhancement) or Oracle support (development issue). eBizure can work with customer to create a installation SOP for any code migration and also assist them in testing these code deployments in non-production environments. eBiZure, after successful tests, can promote these codes to production environments after customer approvals.

eBiZure is just an extension to your IT business operation and will focus on your database so you can focus on the data that drives your business.