Health Checks

Does your Database environment need a health check?

eBiZure provides its customers with a detailed analysis of their environments and includes all details of hardware and software configuration. A Database Health Check will identify the root cause of the potential issues and risks associated because of those issues. Our health check initiative is a custom tailored, if required, to provide our customer with the observations and recommendations to optimize their database environments.

The recommendations to improve the health and performance of the database environment include:

  • Database Fragmentation
  • Database Integrity Check
  • Database Options, File Sizing, File Placement
  • Database Recoverability Review
  • Database Maintenance/Backup Job Review
  • Database Configuration Options
  • Performance Counter Collection (CPU, Memory and infrastructure metrics)
  • Database Security Analysis
  • Database Table and Index Analysis

The recommendations to improve the health and performance of the Oracle EBS environment include:

  • Oracle EBS Concurrent processing and managers
  • Application Servers
  • Workflow Analysers
  • OS Watchers
  • EBS Data Footprint Archiving and Purging
  • Recommended RPC and Performance Patches
  • Java Virtual Machines (JVM)
  • Best Practices for Gathering Statistics
  • Security and Auditing
  • Upgrade Readiness

At the end of the Health Check a comprehensive report is prepared that includes all the findings and proposed solution. This report is shared with the customer and issues explained. This Health Check is based on the best practices as defined by Microsoft / Oracle.

eBiZure’s approach is to analyse the total health of your database and application environments.

Benefits of the Service

  • Stability – ensures that the IT environments are running as per the best practices and fully compliant to industry standards.
  • Performance – a fully tuned database and application environment gives maximum benefits to your business.
  • Availability – Higher uptime is ensured.
  • We can help you achieve increased performance, availability, productivity, and peace of mind with your Microsoft/Oracle Server systems.