DR Setups

We @ eBiZure understand that how a disaster – power/hardware failure, natural, human error etc can actually lead to huge data losses impacting business operation and can sometimes cause a business to shut down as well. In the world where margins are low and competition is high, an effective disaster recovery plan is the key to keep the business up and running and ensuring your IT operation and highly available.

eBiZure helps customers to design, implement and then support their DR setup for their database environments. The plan is put into place keeping in mind the existing infrastructure and with fewer or no changes to the existing environment. We specialise in setting up a DR setup in an On-Premises or on a Public cloud.

The DR plan is made as per the below options available in our database environment

  • Failover clustering
  • Database mirroring
  • Replication
  • Log shipping
  • Backup and restore

An executive summary is prepared and shared about the setup. The plan is than agreed upon, implemented and support contract is put in place. The DR test plan is then put into place where an SOP is defined on how the above setup will be tested. The customer can test these DR scenarios of their own using our SOPs or eBiZure can also help customer carry out such activities on quarterly or half-yearly on a mutual agreed time.

Each DR solution has its own advantages and cost of implementing. Based on the needs, a disaster recovery plan should include on one or more available solutions.