Database Upgrades

We @ eBiZure believe in seamless database upgrades without potential impact to your business and operations, both during and after the upgrade. eBiZure DBAs perform the latest database version upgrades across multiple database environments, including common End-of-Life upgrades and support for Oracle, SQL Server & more, using various steps including testing, configuration, and contingency plans.

With fast moving and ever changing technology, Oracle and Microsoft companies keep updating their databases to the next versions incorporating all new features in demand as per current business operation. We are unique in its capacity to design and document upgrade scenarios to quickly get your solutions in place. Our team can service any version and complexity and eBiZure can assist in keeping you at pace with the technology. eBiZure DBAs provide support in planning, designing and executing the database upgrade process.

Pre-upgrade Process

A pre-upgrade process is when all the documentation and process is put in place for the upgrade. This facilitates in verifying the existing infrastructure and making sure it is good for an upgrade. This analysis will help in deciding the upgrade path for the database. The analysis also includes new features of new version and what might be the impact based on performance, availability, reliability and recoverability of the database systems. Potential issues due to the upgrade are documented and a rollback plan is also put into place. Any downtime, if needed, is documented, and shared with the customer so that it can be planned.

The final report is then shared with the customer for approval and scheduling the upgrade.

Post-upgrade Process

After the upgrade has been successfully completed, the database is verified for consistency and then handed over to the customer for further testing. A post upgrade support is given for an agreed period.

eBiZure is equipped to perform following upgrades:

  • Oracle Database all versions to oracle 11gR2 or Oracle 12c
  • Microsoft SQL server all version to 2012/2014
  • Oracle Applications EBS Database all version to EBS 12.x

Please contact eBiZure technical team for next level discussions in case you want to upgrade your current environment to the next level.